Tor Project Pulls from War on Terror Playbook

I’m sure it’s apropos of nothing that the Tor Project has sensationalistically announced a plot against some of the servers in its network. Couldn’t be an attempt to move on quickly after washing its hands of the crime of libel against an innocent New Jersey pharmacist by its employees and boosters.

The post is several hundred words longer than it needs to be for the information conveyed — it’s mostly boilerplate from the project’s “about” page. All the information we have is that “there may be an attempt” to seize “specialized servers in the network called directory authorities.” It’s impossible to get a layman’s description of what this is from reading the nerd documents provided, but I assume this type of server keeps track of and authenticates Tor’s internal relays for users. Doesn’t really matter.

Nobody at Tor provided an answer or even a source for this “intelligence.”



Useful only in that we find out nothing even happened.

So. We have an unspecified “threat” against a poorly specified target with no clue about the origin of the warning. Did Tor hire some of those “officials speaking on the condition of anonymity” for its PR? Better up the threat level from poindexter to urkel.

It should probably come as no surprise that an organization overwhelmingly funded by the intelligence and military services of the United States is pulling right out of the “terrorism” playbook. Feds gonna Fed.

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