It’s dumb but I thought a long time about how I would name this blog.

I should start with being an anarchist South Floridian. Everything I am, my attitudes, my humor, my tastes, my language, was shaped by that sliver of a metropolitan outpost. It’s both the end of the earth and the capital of Latin America. Its turn-of-the-last-century factories were fertile ground for the Cuban anarchist movement that would lay the groundwork for, and ultimately be betrayed by, the Castro regime. Camilo Cienfuegos, the handsome revolutionary rumored to have been killed by Fidel for his doubts about the trajectory of the Revolution, is said to have been an anarchist himself. While that’s disputed, he was raised by his Spanish anarchist family. He’s a fitting icon for my politics, formed by a mishmash of influences, and his name – Spanish for “100 fires” – is pretty fucking cool. The blog URL “cienfuegos” was taken, but “cienflamingos” was available. Florida is famous for its flamingos, but few realize they’re not native and don’t really live outside of places like Hialeah Park horse racing track, where generations grew up not realizing they could fly because the first imported generations — from Cuba — had their wings clipped.

I’m a somewhat unserious advocate for South Floridian independence from the United States.

Also I like the 1f4af-twitter emoji.

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