Paying to Play in the Strategy of Contention

My but how quickly liberal political correctness is jettisoned when the sweet-talking wing of the fascist party doesn’t get its way! By which I mean to say, loses. LOSES! I cannot contain my glee but then I’ve never pretended to be anything but that which I am: a very vindictive, schadenfreude-driven self-ordained spokesperson for the proletariat. The kind which it may now be polite in liberal circles to call an effete bitchy little faggot. I’ll take it with a pirouette.

You may have heard the most recent Trump-era outrages — NODAPL protesters doused with water in frigid temperatures despite, well, Obama still being president and in favor of the pipeline. Oh wait that’s not it. Oh it’s this scary bunch of waddling brownshirts seig-heiling the new Fuhrer. No that’s not it either. Oh yes! It’s the daughter of president-elect Trump and new chief of his businesses Ivanka Trump being given the codes to the nuclear suitcase. I mean wait, merely sitting in a seat, in her father’s office, during an informal meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan. You’re acting like they’re discussing the partitioning of motherfucking Manchuria.

Witness, feminist blogs now warning us to keep our keen don’t-need-no-man eyes on that Trump succubus, that devious calculating female who should stay in her place, where ALL women belong: with Bill Clinton’s cigar rammed up their reproductive organs. And in case you spent the last eight years thinking ridiculing people’s appearance and not the content of their character was, uh, “so totally not ok,” well bitch it’s the Trump years now and we can call his kids inbred retards to our black hearts’ content. Because deep down in this patriarchal, ableist society, liberals have always wanted to live up to our full potential as the beneficiaries of racist imperialism and, like the newly emboldened “alt-right” scum in that “leaked” Atlantic video, we’re feeling freer than ever to show our true colors. Cheeto-ass gimp offspring!!!! Man that feels good, huh.

I know, the real “concern” is the new openly signaled pay-to-play suggestion like in those yucky weird Russiany-Asiany countries (like pick one lol) over which Jezebel is so worked-up, where they do terrible things to people but we “forgot” to mention host tons of US bases whose boss is Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces President Barack Obama. Well we didn’t forget, we just didn’t know because we’re stupid but also don’t care.

Now of course this sort of thing is disturbing and “not cool” if you consider America, like, not an unstoppable mass-murderous, thieving, endlessly plotting, hypercorrupt juggernaut of an evil empire. But it is and always has been, it’s just that this has somewhat benefited you and your family and — jumping to conclusions here — likely also your race as a whole. But forget all that and for a moment just focus on this recent election cycle alone. Do you know, uh, fucking anything at all about Chelsea Clinton? Are you remotely aware that she’s essentially married to a Jared Kushner doppelgänger? And that their wedding cost three million American dollars and was paid for by the Clinton Foundation, an uh, foundational example in the modern concept of pay-to-play? Just ask the people of Haiti, whom the Clintons haven’t stopped raping since the 90s.

Forget Chelsea. What were Hillary’s credentials for coming up with an entire fucking health-care plan during the Bill Clinton administration? Don’t get me wrong, she is a brilliant person and a skilled political maneuverer… although, not quite skilled enough huh lol. But what gives the president’s wife the ok to make policy prescription when she’s as far from elected as Socks the fuckin cat?

If none of that bothered you then, or even if you didn’t care to pay attention because you blindly trust the officials of the political party with which you personally identify regardless of the outcomes of their actions, then immediately clamp shut your dumb traps you lobotomized pieces of garbage. I hate you and your petty outrage sustains me. My pleasure would be deeper and more satisfying if the Obama-Clinton regime’s body count weren’t so big as to rival the Holocaust you revolting overeducated cretins. Go drown in a pool of useless school debt.


  1. Tarzie · November 23, 2016

    Reblogged this on The Rancid Honeytrap.


  2. Hummus · November 23, 2016

    I’m ready to start cleansing Brooklyn of these people.

    I’m also about ready to start telling people I voted Trump just to cause some more petty incoherent psychological episodes.

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  3. sojourner · November 23, 2016

    Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    This posting, for all intents and purposes, nails this political bullshit to the wall! All I can say is, Spot Fucking On!

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  4. les · November 23, 2016

    Don’t ever stop blogging again !

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    • Sassy Sourstein · November 23, 2016

      You’re so sweet! I needed a break from politics this year but this election shit has given me a need for an outlet to put all the stuff I can’t share on Facebook:P


  5. les · November 23, 2016

    It’s funny how feminists hate Ivanka and Melania so much because I actually see them as more left wing influences on Trump than any Democrats. I&M, especially I, obviously, seem like a genuine asset for women and far more genuine people, with all their money, than Obama & co. I get an impression that Ivanka will have a lot of input and if Jezebel, Democrats, Chelsea ever found out what it is they’d denounce it as communist.


    • Sassy Sourstein · November 23, 2016

      I’m not sure any of these people are assets for anyone who isn’t fabulously wealthy and powerful, but I guess I see your point.


      • les · November 23, 2016

        Ya I’m going on the hypocrisy point. Democrats are such a low bar to jump that I think Ivanka would be more likely to say “oh Dad, no you can’t do that, it will hurt too many women and children” than Hillary’s team would. But then the Democrats today are the ones who bomb children and gun for nuclear war like they didn’t realize what they were doing. I’m not saying Ivanka will fight for the poor, but she might be slightly disgusted at Giuliani’s broken windows projects, while Hillary would ask Giuliani why he’s such a pussy to only lock them up for 20 years.

        We are in a brave new world here. Extremely low bar on everything.


      • Sassy Sourstein · November 23, 2016

        Haha, yah this has a certain logic to it


  6. les · November 23, 2016

    Colbert’s embarrassing breakdowns over Trump’s victory are perfect example of liberals looking for the most tangential attacks because they don’t oppose anything about empire or authoritarianism. The latest fascism of Trump is that the transition isn’t done by decree, free of negotions. “Bumpy, messy, chaotic”. Oh the humanity.

    Forget the masses incarcerated for diseased addiction in the drug war and urban gun panic. Forget whistleblowers. Forget wars. The real victims are the liberal media


  7. les · November 23, 2016

    Isn’t that why the liberals campaigned against Trump on the point that he was pervy, never addressing a single social or geopolitical issue except to scaremonger about commies, commies everywhere?
    They don’t actually have any policy disagreements with Trump because they are too stupid and don’t care about policy. Obama kicks out millions of migrants, silence. Obama aggressively pursues the war on drugs even in solid Democrat voting states that are legalizing drugs, silence. Trump says criminals and immigrants are a problem: OH MY GOD, Hitler’s Back!
    Obama’s “sweetie” addresses to female reporters, his cabinet loaded with old white men, his non-entity, deep background, quiet housewife Michelle, and Hillary’s certainty to continue the tradition of a circle of men doing all the real work and making the real decisions, with women like Neera and Huma treated like accessories doing secretarial work, and putting on a fashionable show as sex objects in Hillary’s entourage for chi-chi feminist Madison Avenue media outlets to adore. Silence.
    Trump genuinely has a female campaign manager in charge and obviously takes his daughter extremely seriously, but has horny talk and insults women as harsh as men: MISOGYNIST!


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