Yah Um So Like Guys? This Is Like Tewtally Not Okay. Okay?

Facebook is where I have been hanging out to get my daily fill of liberal tears over President Trump. It’s not all glee, I do take the time to make useful if inconvenient comparisons between what Trump claims he’ll do and what Obama already has done. For example, people calling Trump a monster for his deportation plans don’t realize it’s actually just taking the immigration baton straight from Obama in one uninterrupted pass.

You know how liberals love to object to things not by saying THIS IS BAD but instead, wagging finger at the ready, solemnly proclaiming something “not ok”? There’s been a rash of this but one example in particular is the self-flagellation over this one instance in which some true human bag of shit held up a sign saying RAPE MELANIA at one of those NGO-organized and -paid protests outside Trump Tower.


Discussion on Facebook has endlessly recycled this very language, even before the linked Mic piece was written. “Not ok.” “Not cool.” “This is not who we are.” No, it’s worse than not ok, it’s definitely far beyond the idiotic descriptor “not cool”; it’s a fucking crime and the person holding this sign should have had his head kicked in. But then, the proponents of these protests have also beseeched each other to keep them “nonviolent” and even to avoid damaging property. Protest the dying of the light! And don’t break any lightbulbs. So they’d probably approach this scum with their hands on their hips and frown at him when they should, in all honesty, be killing him. I’m an incorrigible digressor. The discussion continued on to include accusations that this guy was a plant, paid by Trump.


You’re all plants of some kind! You’re being manipulated and you love it. Now that is not cool.

But I’d like to get to my main point which is that, in actually demonstrated fact, THIS IS PRECISELY WHO YOU ARE. Maybe not directly, but if people who voted for Trump are responsible for his potential future actions or those of violent racist assholes energized by his election, then you are responsible in a similar way for the crimes of Hillary Clinton and boy… that’s a long rap sheet. But let’s just focus on one crime in particular.

That’s your great humanitarian almost-leader celebrating the knife-rape, to a not-swift end, of the very effective anti-imperialist pan-Africanist leader of Libya, Muammar Gadhafi. Forget Benghazi, Clinton was instrumental in the complete obliteration of an actually existing socialist nation in which races and genders were equal, and that was a force for anti-European and -US self-development in Africa. We know the status of women in the new Libya. We don’t actually know the status of black Libyans because they were ethnically cleansed, one of their main cities now a ghost town.

So no, you’re wrong. This is you. You ratify this, whether or not you fully understand that. Maybe you defer to those, like Sec. Clinton, who “know better.” But foreign policy is killing. Mass, mass murder. It’s hard to take any of you seriously when you proclaim your safe-space humanitarianism while simultaneously calling for a new Cold War.


  1. Tarzie · November 15, 2016

    Reblogged this on The Rancid Honeytrap and commented:


  2. parink · November 15, 2016

    Yah they’re all plants. MUSHROOMS! fed shit and kept in the dark. So they grew up to be full of shit and thinking they’re leftists.

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  3. Tarzie · November 15, 2016

    Given how liberals and idiots calling themselves radicals are using this election to completely whitewash the past eight years, it is very necessary to demonstrate again and again that the racists, fascists, misogynists etc are not comfortingly all on one side.

    With that in mind, I offer the following supplement to your post, a video of a crowd of people harassing and then assaulting a homeless Trump supporter, with apologies and a warning for its revolting obscenity. Notice how identity politics afford no protection at all to the Black, homeless “bitch” under attack for “spreading hate” but are reflexively invoked against the single person speaking up on her behalf. This, to me, captures the very essence of liberalism in 2016. I have no more in common politically with these people than I have with the Tea Party. I don’t know where my place is in Trump’s US, but it’s not with this scum.

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    • gbelljnr · November 15, 2016

      Jesus Christ.


  4. les · November 17, 2016

    The important thing is that they found a group to belong to. #Better2gether
    Otherwise all this “international politics” doesn’t interest them. Obama was the most competent man in the world and now the the first black president has to hand it off to a stupid white clown. America is racist for not voting in the richest white lady in the world.
    The question is: did these people learn anything beyond grade 6? I’m talking ordinary citizens who are not trolls or Democrat activists but sound just like them. Young and old alike speak with equal superficiality.

    How do you identify those activists who are joining these protests because it is a spark or an opportunity to nudge disaffected voters to the left? I see some signs that some of the protests are more along the lines of Black Lives Matter but how much of that is there? It’s hard to tell through the media filter but I spoke to some people at Trump Tower and a couple admitted that Hillary was a terrible person. They identified as Bernie voters. I don’t see the point of joining any of these protests at this time if you are anti-establishment. It’s obviously all going to be filtered and massaged by the media into an anti-Trump, pro-establishment narrative. The protests aren’t even anti Republican. It just sustains the Hillary campaign’s motto that Republicans of old were more decent people than this new Trump-Hitler.

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  5. Sassy Sourstein · November 18, 2016

    “America is racist for not voting in the richest white lady in the world” hahaha

    I see no evidence of the protests being anything but liberal rage at having lost. I can identify no attempt to organize anything into any sort of coherent movement. As usual.


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